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Hollywood Video Collective

Camera & Sound Gear List
2 Sennheiser Lav

Sennheiser 416

Zoom 6

Osee 21.5' Monitor 

TV Logic 7' Monitor

ND Filter .9 

Black Supermist 1/4

Dream Fx filter 

DJI Mavic Air 2

Sony Fx9
Tokina Vista Prime FF 25, 40, 85MM
Tokina Vista Zoom 50-135MM 

Vaxis 2000s Wireless Kit

Inovativ Apollo 52'
Matte Box
100MM Polarizer  
2 256 GB XQD Card

240 XQD Card
2 64 GB SD Card
Fast Card Reader

Oconnor Flowtech 100mm
Easy Rig Vario 5 Strong Stabil G2


Ronin 2


Creamsource SpaceX

2x Creamsource Vortex 8

2x 40 Degree Snapgrid for Vortex

LiteMat Spectrum Four 

Hudson Spider Redback Mod

Hudson Spider 55' Parabolix

Hudson Spider 7' White Umbrella 

Arri Skypanel S60

Prolycht 675 w/ Fresnel

8 Astera Titan

2 Astera Helios 

Astera Lightsocks
Quasar 4' & 2'

Fiilex P360S
Quasar 20w & 5w

DMG Roscoe Dash Dot

Aputure MC

Aputure Light Dome

Aputure Light Dome 150
Aputure 300d Mark 2

Aputure 600D Pro

Aputure 1200D

Aputure Fresnel 10

Aputure Spotlight 19,36 

2 Aputure B7

CRLS 50 Diffusion full set 

Dana Dolly 6ft Track

Predator 3500W Generator 

4 Full Apple Box
2 1/2 Apple Box

2 Quarter Apple Box

2 Pancake

8x8 1/4 Silk

8x8 Magic Cloth
8x8 Solid

8x8 Silver Lame

8x8 Ultra Bounce

8x8 Grid

12x12 Solid 

12x12 Silver Lame 

12x12 1/4 Silk 

12x12 Hi Lite 

12x12 Ultra bounce 

6' Silent 1/2 Grid Cloth
6' Wag Flag Silent Full Grid Cloth
6' Wag Flag Magic Cloth
6' Wag Flag Black Rip Stop 
6' Solid commando Cloth
4' Silent 1/4 Grid

4x4 FEK Brokeh Diffusion

48x96 Muslin

4x4 Full Grid Cloth

4x4 China Silk

4X4 1/2 white diffusion

4x4 1/2 Silk

4x4 Empty Frame

4x4 Single Net 

4x4 1/2 White Diffusion

2 48X96 Floppy 
2 42x76 Floppy

1x2 1/2 white diffusion

1x2 Black flag

1x2 Black Single Net
1x2 Black Double Net

1x2 Black Triple Net 

2x2 Bounce

2x2 Mirror
Duvetyne Roll

10 C-Stands

Androoki Magnets

Junior Roller Double Riser

Junior Roller Triple Riser 

MINIVATOR II 142" Geared Stand
2 Lowboy Combos
5 Combo Stands

2 Overhead Roller Stands
12x6 Green Screen

23 Sandbags 

25’ Stingers
50' Stingers

100' Stingers
3 C-Clamps 6',8',10'
Grip Clips

4 Cardellini Clamp

Ask about our 2 ton grip truck package!

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